TBILISI, DFWatch – Refugees from the 2008 Russia-Georgia war forced a journalist from Maestro TV to leave their settlement by throwing stones at her.

Khurvaleti is a small village in Gori municipality, where there are cottages for refugees from the Tskhinvali war four years ago. Tamta Gazashvili, journalist for Maestro TV, came to the village to prepare a report about the current social situation of the locals. But a group of people started yelling at her demanding that she and her crew leave.

One of the women screamed, where were they when people really needed them, while others said that they do not have any problems and do not want to be interviewed.

Moments later, the journalist visited one of the houses were other locals were gathered. She asked if they had anything against giving an interview to her. Some answered yes, some said they didn’t know. Others said that there are several foremen in the village who are controlling the situation and decide what they have to do or not. They said they do not have a right to speak about their problems, because the foremen control the situation.

After some discussion, the group from Maestro was forced to leave when some of the people there started throwing stones at them.