TBILISI, DFWatch – Another series of violations are regularly reported through local non-government organizations, media outlets and social networks from all over the country in Monday’s parliamentary elections.

The movement Multinational Georgia reports about twenty different types of violations at election precincts from different regions.

Voting is not secret at Bolnisi’s No 46 precinct: in a booth for voting a person follows the voter to help, even if the person can vote independently, This is done systematically.

In social network there was a report about two blind voters, who asked them to help vote, when employees of election administration voted for the ruling party, instead of their choice.

Multinational Georgia writes about violating procedure of marking the voters. A systematical problem is the constant lack of ballot-papers.

Media and local or international observers are often restricted in their work, especially when taking photos and video.

Different photos are all over Facebook showing several person in the same voting booth. It is only allowed for two person to be in the cabin to help voter needing assistance.

In number of districts, the gadget which checks whether a person has already voted is broken.

DF Watch visited Nutsubidze Plateau’s No 35 district. More than a hundred people were crowding at the entrance, stairs and hall of a school, where the precinct is located.

People were called in according to their surnames alphabetically, which caused additional problem of crowding and tension in the crowd.

“My surname starts at ‘u’ and I came hour ago, when here came person with ‘b’. What did I do wrong, why should I wait,” one man was yelling.

Others just decided to leave cursing everyone on their way out. Some said they won’t vote today, others said they will come back in the evening and probably be last to vote.

The marking gadget broke at this precinct too and people had to wait until a new one was brought in.

An observer working for the Human Rigths Center discovered documents at Gardabani’s No 58 precinct. It turned out that this is the ID database. The same was reported from the village Duisi in Pankisi Valley, Kakheti. These documents contain ID numbers.

The same organization reports about campaigning at Lagodekhi’s No 15 and Kabali’s No 18 precincts where certain persons yell ‘Beshi’ loudly, which in Azerbaijaniani language means five, the number for the ruling party.

There are still reports about crowding at precincts.