The Georgian Chief Prosecutor’s office. (Official photo.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–It is not known why two deputies to the Georgian chief prosecutor have resigned, and the Tbilisi prosecutor was replaced a few days ago.

Lasha Natsvlishvili resigned November 21, just as a new chief prosecutor was appointed. In his letter of resignation to the prosecutor he wrote that the prime minister had appointed a new chief prosecutor and even though this didn’t mean that deputies of former prosecutors would be dismissed, he still decided to resign.

“I think the new chairman of this body must be given full freedom to staff it. That’s why I appealed to him to resign,” Natsvlishvili wrote.

The new Chief Prosecutor Otar Partskhaladze, who replaced Archil Kbilashvili, said that he didn’t exclude ‘staff changes.’

“I think most of the Prosecutor’s Office employees are professionals, but of course I don’t exclude making staff changes and structural optimization, the goal of which is to improve the system and activity,” Partskhaladze wrote in his first statement after assuming the post.

On Monday, another deputy, Shota Rekhvliashvili resigned. The reason he left is unknown. Giorgi Gabitashvili remained as deputy chief prosecutor while Otar Partskhaladze presented Irakli Shotadze as his first deputy.

Shotadze used to work at the Investigation Service of the Finance Ministry. In 2006-2010 he worked at the Chief Prosecutor’s office.

A few days ago, Tbilisi Prosecutor Maya Mtsariashvili also resigned and was replaced by Mikheil Shakulashvili. The latter has worked at the Prosecutor’s Office since 2001. He was be regional prosecutor in Gori, a town close to the capital.