TBILISI, DFWatch–The E-60 was reopened for all traffic on Sunday, after having been closed for several days near Zestaponi due to flooding of a river.

During the closure, smaller vehicles were rerouted via Baghdati on the section of the E-60 between Zestaponi and Kutaisi.

High water levels in the river Chkhara flooded a part of the E-60 which is used as a temporary bypass road during the construction of a new motorway. A new bridge is being built and is expected to be ready in about ten days, according to the Roads Department.



But if there is another flood before that time, smaller vehicles will have to use the Zestaponi-Baghdati-Kutaisi detour again.

The river Chkhara has been flooded several times over the last couple of months.

Clean-up work is finished on the S-3 between Gudauri and Kobi and there is no longer a danger of avalanches. Vehicles are allowed to drive on that section only if fitted with snow chains.

But trailers, semi-trailers and vehicles with more than 30 seats are still not allowed to use the S-3 between Aragvispiri and the Russian border at Larsi due to snow and ice.


E-60 has been reopened near Zestaponi. There are still roads closures (red) in Svaneti near Ushguli and near Nonotsminda in the south, while on other sections there are restrictions (blue) on certain types of vehicles. (Source: Roads Department, January 11, 2016 update.)