TBILISI, DFWatch — Parliamentarians in Georgia are gathering today in Kutaisi for their first session after the October 1 election.

Their first session is taking place inside a new dome-shaped construction which though it’s still unfinished and leaks water from the ceiling when it rains, was formally opened in May.

According to the Central Election Commission, the Georgian Dream coalition received 54.97 percent of votes, while the National Movement received 40.34 percent. There will be no other parties represented in the new parliament.

Georgian Dream has 85 seats, while the National Movement has 65 seats.

President Mikheil Saakashvili today opened the session. The Georgian patriarch also arrived at the new parliament building in Kutaisi, and expressed hope that Georgia will have a bright future. Representatives of other religious confession also attended today’s session.

After opening the first session of the eighth parliament assembly, Saakashvili addressed MPs. Only National Movement representatives took to their feet.

After the president’s speech, according to custom the oldest member of parliament should chair the session until a speaker has been elected. But Gogi Ochiauri, a 85 year old MP representing the National Movement could not attend today’s session due to family problems, therefore Ivane Kighuradze, 75, from Georgian Dream was chair during the process to select a speaker.

Prime minister candidate Bidzina Ivanishvili also arrived at parliament as a guest of honor. He already visited the building telling journalists that parliament officially starts functioning today and afterwards, Georgian Dream will start fulfilling its promises given during the election campaign.

At today’s session parliament will approve vice speakers and will form a parliament majority and minority.