Ishkhani is a Georgian monastery from the 7th century which lies inside Turkey. (Photo: Buba Kudava.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–Turkey has agreed to allow Georgian specialists to participate in the restoration of a Georgian the 7th century Ishkhani Monastery on its territory.

A meeting was held on Friday at the Ministry of Culture of Turkey in Ankara, where representatives of Georgia’s culture ministry were also present. The meeting ended in an agreement about sending a group of Georgian specialists to Turkey on April 17 to assist in the work.

“Turkey fully shared the position of Georgia that it would be important to engage Georgian specialists and to receive their recommendations and remarks about how the restoration of Ishkani should continue and to improve errors,” the Culture Ministry said Friday.

The restoration of Ishkhani Monastery was halted a few days ago following a demand by Georgia which said the was conducted incorrectly.