Transsexuals demonstrated outside a TV studio in Gori Saturday, after being excluded from a debate about a new anti-discrimination law. (Trialeti.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–Transsexuals demonstrated outside a TV studio in Georgia on Saturday because they were not allowed to take part in a debate about a new anti-discrimination law.

Locals in Gori, a town close to the capital, came to the studio building of Trialeti TV to demonstrate against the transsexuals, calling them ‘Judas’ and accusing them of betraying Christianity.

This led to a verbal confrontation between the two groups, but the police came and managed to separate them.

The groups of transsexuals came to show support for the law, which parliament passed Friday, introducing a ban on any form of discrimination, also based on sexual orientation or identity.

The European Union had made passing the law a mandatory step of Visa Liberalization Action Plan that will grant short-term visa-free regime for Georgian citizens. httpv://

Trialeti TV invited supporters and opponents of the law for a debate. Anchor Gvantsa Doluashvili said the transsexuals asked her to invite them on the show, but she said she explained to them that she had already invited people representing their position, but promised to invite them another time the issue of transgender is a topic on her show.

After the confrontation outside the studios, representatives of Trialeti offered the transsexuals to participate in the third segment of the show, but the transsexuals refused, saying that they had already expressed their opinion by holding the rally but would be happy to answer questions in future shows.

The transsexuals also wanted to express their protest against the non-governmental organization Identoba, which works to protect the rights of sexual minorities, but in their opinion is only collecting grants from foreign donors without actually helping those they should be helping.

Identoba is the organization which planned a small rally to mark the International Day Against Homophobia on May 17 last year, which was attacked by thousands of people, mostly followers of a handful of Orthodox priests.

Some accused Identoba of having staged a provocation in order to receive funding and use the May 17 incident for its own benefit. But the organization this year declared that it is not planning to hold any rally on May 17, to avoid what happened last year.