The building of television station Rustavi 2 was evacuated in September 2013.

TBILISI, DFWatch–The Interior Ministry in Georgia is bringing in tougher rules for falsely reporting a terrorist attack or a bomb.

The Administrative Violations Code of Georgia will now define stricter punishment for those who report false information to the emergency call center 112.

If a minor under 14 years falsely phones in and reports a terrorism threat, their parent or guardian will be fined 1 500 lari (USD 860), and if they will call more than once within a year, the fine will increase to 2 500 lari (USD 1 400).

If a minor under 16 years makes a false call to 112, their parent or guardian will be fined from 100 to 300 lari (USD 60-180), and if the crime repeats itself, the fine will increase to 500 lari (USD 287).

However, if a minor older than 14 reports false information about terrorism, that person will be punished from one to two years of community service or from two to five years in jail. If the same violation is repeated, the person will be punished from five to seven years in jail.

If someone older than 16 systematically reports false information to 112, he or she will be fined by 300 lari.

The Interior Ministry explains that if a person reports false information from a subjective evaluation, but assesses the situation incorrectly, he or she won’t be punished.

In September, 2013, there were many false reports about a bomb in parliament, at schools and at television buildings, and the buildings were evacuated many times. Under the laws in force at the time, authorities could not react to the wave of crank calls, as most of callers were minors.