Davit Bakradze is number one on the National Movement party's list, and most likely a candidate for parliament speaker; his current post. (IPN.)

TBILISI, DFWatch – In the top twenty on the National Movement’s party list there are majoritarian candidates. The majority on the list are current members of parliament (MPs) and members of government.

On the ruling party list there also are so-called independent experts, who clearly support the government. Zurab Japaridze, who is head of the non-government organization Clear Politics is number 12 on the list. His organization was set up recently. Its founders say their goal is to deny Saakashvili’s main competitor Bidzina Ivanishvili the opportunity to enter into Georgian politics with ‘Russian money.’

There are 155 persons on the National Movement party list, which was presented to the Central Election Commission on Saturday.

Davit Bakradze, current parliament speaker, is number one on the list. He will represent the ruling party in election debates. Seven persons among the top twenty on the list are current MPs; eight are representatives of the executive branch – ministers, deputy ministers. MPs and names of executive government are frequently seen on the 155-member list.

Tina Bokuchava, Deputy General Auditor, is number four on the list. The State Audit Office is recently busy financially restricting the government’s competitor force Georgian Dream. Levan Bezhashvili, former head of this office, is number 22 on the list. He recently resigned in order to help people affected by hailstorm on July 19.

The youngest person on the list is a 21 year old woman. She is speaker for the Student Job program, and born in 1991. A few months ago, when parliament amended the constitution, the age limit for MPs decreased from 25 to 21. Mariam Sajaia is the only 21-year old on the ruling party list. She is the daughter of the former MP Nazi Aronia. Now she is in the top ten of the list.

Another youth candidate on the list is Meri Kokaia, born in 1990. She works in the president’s administration and is number 42 on the list. There is also a 22 year old woman on the list; Samira Ismaylova.

On top of the list there are nine majoritarian candidates, which means that putting their names on top of the list is some kind of insurance, because if they fail as majoritarians, they will sill still be able to get into parliament.

According to Georgian law, parliament consists of 150 members. 77 are elected according to the proportional system by party lists, while 73 by the majoritarian system, or first-past-the-post, as it is more commonly know. There is one majoritarian in each election district.