TBILISI, DFWatch – A terror suspect was arrested in Zugdidi Tuesday, but Georgian authorities deny that it is linked with yesterday’s bomb attacks against Israeli embassies in Georgia and India.

The Georgian Interior Ministry Tuesday arrested a person suspected of planning to carry out a terrorist attack.

According to the ministry’s webpage, Bezhan Shakia was arrested in Zugdidi as he arrived in Georgia from the Russia’s occupied territory of Abkhazia.

Shota Khizanishvili, head of administration at the interior ministry told DF Watch that this arrest has no relation to yesterday’s handmade bomb which was discovered underneath the car of the Israeli ambassador’s driver.

Khizanishvili cannot specify for what kind of terrorist attack attempt was Shakia arrested, but he rules out that there is any connection with yesterday’s bombing attempt in Tbilisi, which came the same day as a bomb attack against the Israeli embassy’s driver in New Dehli, which injured two people.

The government Tuesday reacted to how the attempted car bombing was being reported on in the media.

Minister for Euro-integration, Giorgi Baramidze, said it was unacceptable to make a parallel with what happened in New Delhi.

“Parallels were made with the explosion which took place in Delhi, but these are two different incidents and the specialists will find it out,” he said.

Baramidze also noted that the car on which the explosive device was found wasn’t the property if the Israeli embassy. The car was the private property of a person who works at the embassy.

Meanwhile authorities are trying to find out more about yesterday’s foiled car bombing attempt. The case is being ingestigated by the domestic intelligence police, the Constitutional Security Department, or “Kudi” in local lingo.

“The investigation is in progress and we can’t say anything yet. Society will immediately be informed as soon as the investigation is finished,” MIA spokesman Khizanishvili said.