Clean-up work is progressing 24 hours a day, and a new temporary road will be opened in a few days. (Interpressnews.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–For over two weeks, the only road through the Caucasus mountain range has been closed due to a massive landslide May 17.

Now, Georgian authorities say a new temporary road will be opened in few days, after intense work to dig a new path for a river that runs through the valley.

The landslide in Dariali Valley cut off a gas pipeline bringing natural gas from Russia to Armenia and the road connecting Russia with Georgia. Three people have been confirmed dead, and the search continues for four who are still missing.

Gas flow was resumed about a week ago. Meanwhile, the clean-up work is progressing 24 hours a day with 70 pieces of heavy machinery and 170 workers.

A new river bed has been dug to lead away water that has accumulated after the landslide blocked off the river Tergi’s path and flooded an area. Work is continuing to deepen the river bed. There are several stations organized on the highest spots of Devdoraki glacier valley where expert groups observe the situation on the locations where there is a danger of another landslide.

The border crossing at Larsi, which is the only border point between Georgia and Russia, remains closed and traffic is not allowed through.