TBILISI, DFWatch — The former owner of a telecommunication company accuses other companies of illegal eavesdropping.

Mamia Sanadiradze, founder and former owner of Caucasus Online, said a few days ago that his company was subject to pressure. He said that the company was told by the Interior Ministry to install illegal listening devices, but refused, and after that Caucasus Online was under serious pressure.

Caucasus Online was fined with GEL 11 million and Mamia Sanadiradze was forced to sell the company. After there was a change of government in Georgia, he came back to defend his rights, but not to fight to get the company back.


Mamia Sanadiradze decided to leave the country again, but before leaving he named the companies which he says helped the Interior Ministry in illegal eavesdropping.

Mamia Sanadiradze said Silknet has been involved in surveillance of internet conversations, and New Networks in illegal eavesdropping, and after he left Caucasus Online, it too was involved.

All companies deny the accusations.

Caucasus Online plans to respond to Mamia Sanadiradze next week.