TBILISI, DFWatch–Tbilisi Zoo received 22 new animals on Monday. The animals were a gift from zoos in Germany and Belgium.

There are seven South American coatis, two Indian porcupines and ten striped mongoose from Germany, while three blue wildebeest were sent from Belgium.

The zoo’s management explained that the new arrivals are aid from the other zoos that was promised after the flood on June 13, 2015, when almost half of Tbilisi’s zoo was devastated and many animals perished.

In March, the zoo received two parrots, three alpacas, one camel and one pack mule from Riga’s zoo.

Director Zurab Gurielidze earlier told DFWatch that they expect more than 100 animals in May and June, including mongoose, kangaroos, spotted deer and monkeys. Some species, like kangaroos, have never been in Tbilisi Zoo before.

The new animals will be sent from zoos in the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, France, Turkey, Belgium, Israel and Latvia.

The management of the zoo told DFWatch that they now are expecting spotted deer, macaques, maned sheep and tapirs.

The majority of animals in Tbilisi Zoo died as a result of the flood in 2015. Some of the predators were shot in the streets. According to Gurielidze, the flood caused about USD 5 million worth of damage.