King David IV The Builder. (George Nikladze.)

TBILISI, DWatch–Officials in Tbilisi are puzzled by media reports of inscriptions in the Georgian alphabet on the weapons of the terrorist who slaughtered 49 people and wounded dozens more in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand on Friday.

Photos published by Daily Mail show inscriptions on the sides of several cartridges that apparently were used in the attacks.

What particularly caught people’s attention in Georgia was two of the names, David IV the Builder and David Soslan; two 12th Century Georgian monarchs distinguished by their military campaigns against the Seljuk Empire and its allies.

It was especially noticed that the names are correctly written in the unique Georgian alphabet.

The attack took place in Chirstchurch, New Zealand. (Openstreetmaps.)

Georgia’s ambassador to Australia and New Zealand, Giorgi Dolidze, told journalists that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs back in Georgia has no information regarding the inscriptions.

In a statement referencing the media reports, Georgia’s State Security Service said it has already asked its strategic partners for information about the inscriptions.

The names of two 12th Century Georgian kings are seen in the far left of this photo published by Daily Mail.

“Foreign media have released photos of cartridges of firearms, used in the course of a terrorist attack that took place in New Zealand. Symbols and inscriptions in various languages, including Georgian, are inscribed on them. The State Security Service of Georgia has already established cooperation with strategic partners, in order to receive information on the individuals detained, as well as the weapons seized in connection with the terrorist attack. The State Security Service of Georgia expresses its condolences to the people of New Zealand over the terrorist attack,” the statement of SUS released after the attack reads.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia has expressed its condolences to the families of the victims.