TBILISI, DFWatch–The Civil Litigation Chamber at Tbilisi City Court ruled in favor of a female claimant and decided to leave a frozen embryo at her disposal. Her husband was against surrogacy.

At a press release published on its website, Tbilisi City Court states that the woman’s claim was fully acknowledged, thus giving her the right to “select a surrogate mother, sign an appropriate agreement and select a clinic,” without the consent of her husband.

The court did not disclose the names of the claimants.

It explains the ruling by the prioritization of a mother’s right over an embryo and also by the fact that “taking into consideration the state of the plaintiff’s health, the disputed embryo represents the only chance of her becoming a mother.”

According to the statement, the couple married in 2010. Due to health problems, they decided to carry out in vitro fertilization and then have a baby via surrogacy. They approached a medical facility and produced an embryo.

But the couple grew apart from each other and the husband changed his mind about surrogacy.

He now has 14 days to appeal the ruling.