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Three pro-UNM activists detained after assaulting MP

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(Interpressnews.) TBILISI, DFWatch–Three activists were detained Friday for assaulting a member of parliament. The detainees are Nika Narsia, Mirian Deisadze and Kakhaber Gabunia, all members of the youth group Tavisupali Zona (Free Zone), which on many occasions […]

Six detained in clashes outside parliament in Tbilisi

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Lado Sadghobelashvili from Free Generation. (Interpressnews.) TBILISI, DFWatch–Six people were detained during clashes at a rally against the government’s economic policy outside the old parliament building in Tbilisi on Thursday. Free Zone, an activists group which supports the National Movement, demonstrated […]

Saakashvili supporters and opponents clash again

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Youth activists who want Saakashvili back in power clashed with his opponents Thursday. (Interpressnews.) TBILISI, DFWatch–Opponents and supporters of former President Saakashvili clashed again in Tbilisi on Thursday, two days after their first showdown. The two rival political youth groups stood against each other on Pekini Street, cursing opponents and throwing bottles, […]

Two activist groups clash in Tbilisi

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Journalist Zaza Davitaia threatened retaliation after being injured in the clash. (Interpressnews.) TBILISI, DFWatch–Two groups of politically motivated youth clashed on Tuesday, inflicting injuries on each other. The conflict started after activists from the pro-National Movement youth group Tavisupali Zona (Free Zone) severely beat a journalist from a conservative […]

Human chain outside Ukrainian embassy in Tbilisi

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(Photo published by Free Zone, a youth group which supports the National Movement.) TBILISI, DFWatch–The National Movement demonstrated outside the Ukrainian embassy in Tbilisi on Saturday, to mark the 25 year anniversary of Freedom Chain, an anti-Soviet protest, and to express solidarity with Ukraine. Demonstrators called on the government […]

Anti-Russia demonstrators detained in Tbilisi

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The organization Free Zone protested against a conference to further closer relations between Georgia and Russia. (Photo by Free Zone.) TBILISI, DFWatch–Four members of the organization Free Zone were detained on Friday during a protest against a meeting at Hotel Vere-Palace in Tbilisi dedicated to closer relations between Georgia and Russia. Demonstrators blocked the road as they blew whistles and […]