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Video appearing to show 15-year-old girl’s engagement sparks outrage in Georgia

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TBILISI, DFWatch--A video allegedly depicting the forced engagement of an underage girl has sparked public outrage in Georgia and even in neighboring Azerbaijan, where the ombudsman asked her Georgian counterpart to get involved. The case gained country-wide recognition after a video was posted on social media February 8 allegedly depicting the engagement party of a young [...]

The missing page in the Association Agreements

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Why was child protection left out the EU’s agreement with Georgia? the authors ask. On June 27, Georgia and Moldova will sign in Brussels the Association Agreements with the European Union that were initialed last year in Vilnius (Ukraine’s new authorities are expected to sign only the economic part of the Agreements on the same day). After a high level meeting that took place last month between president […]

37% of children in Georgia are below the poverty line

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Twelve refugee families living in a derelict hospital building in Zugdidi in July, 2013. (DF Watch photo.) TBILISI, DFWatch–37 percent of children in Georgia live below the poverty line, according to a new report by UNICEF. Child poverty increased 2 percent in 2013, compared to 2011. Georgia has the second highest rate of inequality in Europe, the organization writes. […]

Child protection is missing from Georgia’s Association Agreement

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In December 2013, Georgia signed the Association Agreement with the European Union during the Eastern Partnership summit held in Vilnius.The newly signed Association Agreement thus becomes the main treaty between Georgia and the EU and highlights key areas of cooperation.  The Agreement focuses […]

UNICEF report exposes weak child protection in Georgia

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UNICEF’s new report warns that children in Georgia are at risk. (DFWatch.) TBILISI, DFWatch–UNICEF Georgia claims that since 2005, the government has made significant progress in reforming the child care system, but important challenges remain, such as child poverty, violence against children and weak child protection. Currently, there are […]