2011 law about consumer rights

Groups call for improved consumer protection

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TBILISI, DFWatch – Groups in Georgia are concerned that a number of legislative changes will worsen the situation in regards to food safety and consumer rights. Seven non-governmental organizations working on these issues and two independent experts today […]

Who is protected by the Georgian government – entrepreneur or the consumer?

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According to the EU Charter of Fundamental rights, an integral part of European values is that the government protects the consumer’s rights. But while the Georgian government claims to be on course towards integration with Europe, it still manages to do this integration in a way so that the Georgian consumers’ interests are harmed. In 2010, [...]

New law may restrict consumers’ rights in Georgia

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Parliament is to consider a new law about product safety which might require scrapping an old law, and a big chunk of the country's consumer rights with it. The new bill is called "Code on Product Safety and Free Flow" which envisages to set up a special commission to monitor product safety in the market. "This [...]