TBILISI, DFWatch–Batumi City Court Thursday detained the suspect in the murder of a 16-year old girl in absentia.

Mohammadamin Rointan, a citizen of Iran, is suspected of having killed Mariam Kochalidze, 16, on July 23 in the boulevard of Batumi, a city and the largest sea resort in Georgia, and leaving the country shortly after.

Batumi City Court heard prosecutors arguing their case, and evidence provided by the investigation, which included a report about the crime itself, the crime scene and the autopsy, objects from the spot, protocols about how Mohammadin Rointan was recognized, with photo, data about the suspect crossing the border, protocols about identifying objects, and witness testimonies.

A statement by the city court reads that the presented evidence is enough to substantiate suspicions that the suspect named by the ministry really committed the crime, and the court considered it reasonable to place him in detention, considering the graveness of the crime and the fact that he left the country on the day when murder took place.