TBILISI, DFWatch–After a lecturer was murdered in the corridor of a Tbilisi university on Friday, there have been more reports of domestic violence across Georgia, leaving one woman dead and one man in a critical condition in a separate incident.

In Tbilisi, a patrol police officer who had been called to mediate in a domestic dispute was shot and wounded. The police had been called by a woman complaining about a fight between her son and her husband.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs said, when two patrol police officers arrived at the scene, the husband immediately started shooting at them, seriously wounding one policeman, while other policeman shot back at the offender and wounded him.

Both wounded are now in hospital. Doctors said on Saturday evening that the policeman is in a serious condition, while the offender’s condition is described as a critical.

The wife of the wounded offender who called the police said that the husband had been constantly harassing her and her son, and she had to call the police because the husband threatened them with a pistol.

Later on Saturday, the Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that the police arrested a man, 73,  for stabbing his 68 years old wife in the village Darcheti, in Kakheti. According to the police, the man was arrested minutes after of the crime.

The woman who called police later said that she’d been separated and the couple lived separately. The ex-husband who lived in the Kakheti countryside visited the family from time to time. According to the ex-wife, the man had a short temper. She recalled that the man brought out a pistol and began pointing it toward her and their grown-up son. Then she went to the neighbor and called to the police. The perpetrator open fire immediately after noticing the policemen, before there had been any verbal exchange, his ex-wife told journalists.

In another incident in Rustavi, 30 kms south of  Tbilisi, a 30 year old man was arrested also on Saturday for having killed a man two days earlier, placed the body in a car and thrown it into a drain channel near Giganti settlement, along the road between Tbilisi and Rustavi. The motive is reported to have been jealousy.

According to the MIA, the murder happened on October 16, and the murderer was detained on Saturday.

An English language lecturer was killed by her separated husband on Friday in the corridor of Ilia State University. The murderer immediately committed suicide.

This murder caused massive outrage in Georgia, while Saturday’s incidents added fuel to the fire. The National Movement seized on the opportunity to criticize the government for being unable to curb crime in general, and domestic violence in particular.