TBILISI, DFWatch–Intermittent power supply ended two days ago in the breakaway region Abkhazia.

The reason for the recent power cuts is low water level in the Inguri reservoir. Georgia is now importing electricity from Russia in order to compensate for the shortage.

Abkhazia’s electricity supply comes mainly from the Inguri power station on the de facto border which is controlled jointly with Georgia. In accordance with a special agreement, the electricity from Enguri power station is transferred free of charge.

The deputy energy minister told DF Watch a few days ago that it was possible to supply Abkhazia 10 to 14 days longer, but after that supply would have to be cut off.

Some in Tbilisi argue against buying electricity from Russia in order to maintain a stable power supply in Abkhazia, as the electricity may be used at one of the Russian military bases there.