TBILISI, DFWatch – The leadership of Georgia’s breakaway region South Ossetia say an opposition politician’s quest to claim election victory threatens a fragile peace and may have serious consequences.

Authorities released the statement after talks with opposition leader Alla Dzhioyeva, who has been campaigning on and off to claim victory after an election in November which she clearly won, but which the Supreme Court cancelled.

A compromise seemed to calm things down over the holidays, but Dzhioyeva withdrew from the deal last Sunday and proclaimed that she will have her own inauguration February 10.

South Ossetia’s leadership calls for people not to obey Dzhioyeva in carring out acts of civil disobedience and not to go beyond the bounds of law, Russian media report.

Dzhioyeva held another round of consultations with acting president Vadim Brovtsev on Monday to try to solve the problems South Ossetia are facing, but yet again talks ended without agreement.

The acting president states he’s not going to fulfill Dzhioyeva’s demand and transfer power to her.

“According to the constitution of the republic I’m the acting president I have to fulfill my duties until a new president is elected,” he says.

After declaring the election invalid, the Supreme Court of South Ossetia scheduled new elections for March 25, 2012. That lead to a protest wave by Dzhioyeva supporters, which has led to several violent incidents and increased tension.

Former leader Eduard Kokoity offered a compromise in December, stepping down earlier than planned and dismissing three officials, aswell as allowing Dzhioyeva to participate in the March election.

After some hesitation, Dzhioyeva called off her protests. However, she and her supporters claim that the agreement hasn’t been fulfilled after the region’s elected assembly refused to dismiss the Prosecutor General and the Chief Justice.

That led Dzhioyeva to withdraw from the compromise and appoint a date for her own inauguration saying she will assume leadership because she won November’s election and not take part in what she calls the illegally appointed elections on March 25.