TBILISI, DFWatch–Tskhinvali has resumed installation of barbed wire fence along the administrative borderline between Georgia proper and the breakaway republic of South Ossetia.

The de facto security committee plans to install one km long fence in the vicinity of the villages of Balta and Atotsi in the Kareli district.

The reason for the resumption of borderization is the growing instances of ‘illegal border crossing’,  de facto security committee states.

According to statistics published by the breakaway authorities, in October alone, 58 individuals were detained for the ‘offense’, out of which 44 were fined, 4 were fined and expelled, two were expelled without being fined and eight were only given a warning.

Tbilisi condemned the resumption of borderization, and placed the blame on Russia.

“The above illegal actions of Russia aim at further destabilizing the situation on the ground, restricting freedom of movement and isolating the conflict-affected people from the rest of Georgia. Continuation of the illegal process of installation of artificial barriers along the occupation line further deteriorates the already difficult humanitarian conditions of the local population,” the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said a statement released on Tuesday.