TBILISI, DFWatch–Separatist leader Anatoly Bibilov from the breakaway region South Ossetia presented awards to Russian journalists for ‘objectively’ covering the 2008 war.

The event in Moscow on Tuesday honored a number of journalists with medals dedicated to “the 10th anniversary of the Victory of South Ossetians in the Patriotic War” in August.

Among the recipients of the ‘state award’ were reporters, producers and cameramen at Russian state TV channels, RT, VGTRK and TV Центр (TV Center).

“On behalf of the people of South Ossetia, I am honored today to give the state awards to those Russian journalists who showed bravery, courage and genuine heroism when covering tragic events of Georgia’s vicious aggression,” said Anatoly Bibilov at the award ceremony.

Among the award winners are:

Evgeni Poddubni, Special Correspondent at VGTRK;

Olga Door, producer at Izvestia;

Askhat Kokayev, RT’s TV cameraman;

Nikolai Baranov, producer at Zvezda;

Ashraf El Sabbagh, RT correspondent;

Aleksei Komarov, TV channel TV Центр TV cameraman;

Aleksei Stepanov, TВ Центр sound operator.