TBILISI, DFWatch — Agreement was achieved on Thursday between employees and management at the electric company Telasi.

The management of Telasi, which supplies the capital with electricity, agreed to give 125 fired employees their jobs back and fire several in the management.

Employees on strike continued their rally outside the Telasi main building. They demand that the commercial director is fired. Employees claimed that after a new commercial director was appointed, many employees were fired without reason.

As a first result of the rallies, the commercial director resigned. Employees then demanded that workers fired earlier were given their jobs back and that also the assistants of the former commercial director were fired.

Today an agreement was reached. Malkhaz Gomiashvili, Trade Union representative at Telasi, said that the general director is ready to fulfill the workers’ demands. He also said that a decree has been issued to fire 13 of the company’s management.

The general director asked for time until November 12 to finish the process of fulfilling the terms of the agreement.

Negotiations will continue regarding compensations and salaries for workers who were fired.