The mosque in Duisi, Pankisi Gorge. (DF Watch.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–One more Georgian jihadist from Pankisi Gorge has been killed in Syria fighting alongside the Islamic State.

22 year old Guram Gumashvili is the seventh rebel fighter from Pankisi to be killed in the Syrian war, according to the Kakheti Information Center, a regional network of journalists.

The report was later confirmed by the deputy head of municipality (gamgebeli) in Akhmeta, to which Pankisi Gorge belongs, according to news agency Interpressnews.

Gumashvili was killed in a battle in the northern Syrian city of Kobani, which has witnessed the bloodiest fighting between attacking forces from the Islamic State and the Syrian Kurdish militia, which is defending the city.

In September, 18 year old Besik Kushtanashvili, also a Pankisi resident, was killed in Syria.