(Photo published by Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–A second person has been found dead on Wednesday, after the massive landslide in Dariali Valley on August 21.

Two people died in the disaster, one was a citizen of Turkey and one a Georgian citizen. Both were working in a tunnel when a landslide hit that part of the valley. A citizen of Turkey was found in a river Tergi a few days ago and taken to Tbilisi for autopsy.

Rescuer workers found the body of the Georgian citizen on Wednesday after several days’ search. The body was sent for autopsy and later to the family.

The road which connects Russia and Georgia was covered in mud in the landslide, but was two days ago fully cleaned. Now the cleanup work is in progress to restore a two km section of the damaged road.

Larsi border crossing is still closed, but gas supply to Armenia was restored on Saturday.