TBILISI, DFWatch – Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili has offered to send rescue teams to Russia to help the flood victims in the Krasnodar region.

Manana Manjgaladze, spokesperson for Georgian President said on Sunday that the president expresses his deep sorrow over the tragedy which took place in Krasnodar.

“On the president’s orders, rescue teams are in full readiness to travel by air or sea and participate in the rescue work which is underway in the disaster zone.”

Georgia’s Interior Ministry and Foreign Affairs Ministry have been given instructions to get ready for the mission.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry also expressed condolence to the families of the dead and is ready for any kind of assistance.

According to the latest information, 171 people died as a result of flooding in Krasnodar, which is near the Black Sea, just north of the Georgian breakaway region Abkhazia. According to the Russian Interior Ministry, 24 000 people were injured.