TBILISI, DFWatch–Saakashvili’s National Movement party has lost its majority in Kutaisi city assembly.

This is the second largest city in Georgia, and where the parliament currently is located. A nearby air field also newly connected the city by international flights.

Five members of the assembly collectively left the UNM faction Thursday, while two members left another faction called ‘the Majoritarians’.

In a statement they said they had done their job for the UNM, and although it was a difficult decision, they are forming a new faction.

Out of the 25 members in Kutaisi assembly, UNM used to hold 14 seats, but now only have four left.

Meanwhile, UNM members keep leaving the faction in the city assembly in Tbilisi as well, but the National Movement still holds majority of 50 seats in the Sakrebulo, as it is called in Georgian.

The UNM members and former government officials claim MPs and their party members are under pressure both in the capital and in other regions of Georgia. Their final argument was summoning seven members of Tbilisi City Assembly at investigative service of the Finance Ministry all together on Friday, when most important sessions of the assembly are being held. https://dfwatch.net/7-members-called-for-questioning-embattled-unm-still-holds-ground-in-tbilisi-sakrebulo-36292

Even though the UNM lost the parliamentary election in October, 2012, the party still holds a majority of seats in the local governments, the result of a strong showing in the 2010 local elections. The next local elections are in 2014.