Georgia’s president, Mikheil Saakashvili (left), two days after he broke his arm in three places in a bicycle accident. Turkish president Abdullah Gül right.

TBILISI, DFWatch–Despite having a broken arm, Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili carried on his tour of Turkey Tuesday and met his Turkish counterpart, Abdullah Gül.

On Sunday, Saakashvili crashed with a trailer in Antalya during his daily bicycle exercise. According to his Facebook page, he was taken to a hospital in Istanbul where the triple fracture injury was operated on.

All meetings and events planned on Monday were postponed.

But Tuesday Saakashvili left the hospital to meet with president Gül at his presidential palace. During their meeting the two discussed bilateral relations and future cooperation. Abdullah Gül said that Turkey is a strategic partner for Georgia and completely supports Georgia’s NATO integration.

Another topic was economic cooperation.

Saakashvili started his roundtrip in Turkey on April 6 and will go back to Georgia April 10.

The president’s administration Tuesday evening released a short statement describing what treatment Saakashvili has received at the American hospital in Istanbul. It said his triple fracture of the arm was fixed with metal plates, and he had 40 stitches.

According to the statement, the operation lasted a few hours and was conducted by Professor Mehmet Demirhan.

Doctors say that complete rehabilitation will take more than a month.