TBILISI, DFWatch–The president and prime minister of Georgia will meet have their second official meeting today at 15:00 at the government office to discuss ‘important topics for the country.’

The meeting will be closed to the media. Only PR staff working for the two leaders will be allowed to take a few pictures at the beginning of the meeting, which will take place at the residence of the president, which is on 11th floor of the government building.

After Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili’s coalition Georgian Dream defeated MIkheil Saakashvili’s party in the October, 2012 parliamentary election, the two first met to agree on a peaceful transfer of power and the so-called cohabitation.

After this meeting, the two have only met once, but that was informally at the jubilee of Patriarch Illia II.

Recently, there were unsuccessful negotiations between the two political blocs headed by them about a set of proposed constitutional amendments which will reduce the power of the president; establish legislative guarantees that the country won’t change its western course.

The talks eventually failed, but after a making statements in the media about wanting to rescue the power-sharing process, the two are now making a final effort.