The founders of Rustavi 2, a TV company are fighting to get back control which they claimed was forcefully deprived from them.

Rustavi 2 played an important role in the rose revolution in 2003, which brought President Mikheil Saakashvili to power, but later became completely controlled by his government.

Jarji Akimidze and Davit Dvali Friday published an appeal addressing to different group of persons. They request to current employees of Rustavi 2 to take honorable steps and save Rustavi 2 from collapse and then restore its old reputation.

The founders also appealed to society and non-governmental organizations to assist them on the way of Rustavi 2 becoming a watchdog for the development of democratic processes in the country. They also expect support from foreign diplomats in Georgia.

“We acknowledge our responsibility and the mistakes we did, including in 2004, that we didn’t made it public that government officials harassed us forcing to go on concession and give away Rustavi 2,” they write, explaining that they couldn’t imagine that the government, which came to power democratically, would make the media into a propaganda tool.

The founders plan to regain control over Rustavi 2 and will go to court to get back 60 percent of shares.

Davit Kezerashvili, a businessman who is former defense minister close to President Saakashvili, bought a 40 percent shares in Rustavi 2 on October 4, a few days after the parliamentary election. The deal amounted to USD 500 000.

Levan Karamanishvili, former holder bought 90 percent of Rustavi 2 in December 2011. Director of Rustavi 2 Gogi Gegeshidze holds 10 percent of the V company.