TBILISI, DFWatch — Russian soldiers have arrested a Georgian police employee inside the occupied territory. Georgia considers this an attempt by Russia to create tension in the current situation.

Russian media first reported that Georgian law enforcers Saturday morning opened fire in Shida Kartli, the north central part of Georgia, in territory controlled by Russia. It happened in an area near the village Perevi. After the exchange of fire, Russian soldiers arrested them.

The Georgian interior ministry released a statement saying that Mogeli Toliashvili, an employee of Shida Kartli police, appeared inside the occupied territory due to yet unknown reasons.

It is unknown if there are negotiations with Russia regarding this issue with a goal to transfer the arrested person. Interior ministry spokesperson Salome Makharadze told DF Watch that the ministry is studying the issue and cannot say more.

The Georgian foreign ministry calls on Russia to immediately release the Georgian law enforcer and expresses deep concern regarding this provocation by Russia, according to a foreign ministry statement.

The ministry calls on the international community, foreign diplomats in Georgia and the EU mission in the country to pay particular attention to the current situation at the occupation line to prevent provocations by Russia and attempts at creating tension.