One of the service centers for Liberty Bank. (Interpressnews.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–A bank service center was robbed in Tbilisi Wednesday. This is the fourth such robbery in a short time.

An armed robber attacked Bank of Georgia’s service center on Noneishvili Street in Gldani, northern Tbilisi.

It is still unknown whether the robber got away with any money, as the guard resisted him during the attack. The Interior Ministry has launched an investigation.

Bank service centers are not full-fledged bank branch offices but offer clients rudimentary services like paying communal fees, getting or paying loans and transferring money.

Today, there was also an attack on a service center for Liberty Bank in the village Jugaani, in Sighnagi in eastern Georgia. The robbers got away with a safe containing 3,000 laris (USD 1,500).

Information Center of Kakheti, a local media outlet, reports that no guard was protecting the service center and the robbers broke in through the entrance door. The service center used to hand out social allowances and pensions, and collect communal fees.

According to ICK, this is the third time a Liberty Bank service center is robbed. The previous robberies took place in the villages Anaga and Badiauri.