TBILISI, DFWatch — The new government in Georgia has presented a 2013 budget of USD 5.3 billion. USD 4.4 billion of this is expenditure.

The revised budget comes as a result of consultations after critical remarks by members of parliament, and the new bill will be introduced in parliament for further review.

The state budget was controversial under the previous government, mainly because one sixth of the budget was defined for what was called ‘other purposes’, which was never specified. This caused misunderstandings and distrust towards the previous government.

The new 2013 draft budget presents data for each field in detail, in contrast to previous years.

In addition, there were complaints against the previous government because of too much money being allocated to law enforcement bodies. The new government decided to reduce financing for them.

Financing for the defense and interior ministries will decrease in 2013. As a result, there will be increased financing for health care, education and agriculture.

According to edited version of the budget bill, financing for the interior ministry will be cut by USD 9 million, while the defense ministry will get USD 18 million less than in 2012. The defense ministry will receive USD 400 million, while the interior ministry will receive USD 343.

The health ministry will have its financing increased by USD 322 million, while social expenses increase by USD 380 million in total. Financing for the whole social field totals USD 1.4 billion.

Increasing pensions and insurance program remains a priority; as well as increased allowance for the socially vulnerable.