"How long will I be a refugee?" (Photo: Londa Beria.)

BILISI, DFWatch – On Saint Andrew’s Day May 12, refugees from Abkhazia gathered at the parliament building in Tbilisi to demand attention from the government and that it gets back the lost territories. Refugees claim this is their first large meeting for the last 20 years and that it was not a demonstration, but a peaceful gathering.

Refugees were planning to meet not only in Tbilisi, but also in other parts of Georgia.

The meeting was organized by the Renewed Georgia Party, which used the opportunity to hand out leaflets and share information, also on opposition-leaning TV Kavkazia.

The organizers called on people to block Tbilisi’s main street Rustaveli Avenue. After they had blocked traffic, interior ministry forces intervened, and the traffic flow was soon resumed, but five members of Renewed Georgia Party were arrested. Police did not give a reason for their arrest.

The organizers of today’s event declared May 12 a day of reconciliation for Abkhaz, Ossetians and Georgians.