TBILISI, DFWatch – The police detained eight activists in front of parliament today.

The eight were protesting against the arrest of their friends on May 26, near Gelati Monastery, near Kutaisi in western Georgia.

The protesters were from three organizations: November 7, Civic Front and Women’s Organziation of Maro Makashvili, mainly consisting of youth.

On May 26, Georgia’s Independence Day, representatives of the three organizations were praying at Gelati Monaster. When they came back, the police illegally detained several of them, protesters said today.

They also said that seven activists were given a 400 GEL fine and three are in pre-trial detention.

Protesters demanded the release of those arrested in Gelati. Not more than fifteen persons participated in the rally in front of parliament. But when the rally ended, participants went out into the road, which caused the police to arrest all of them. The activists resisted arrest, according to Interpressnews. They were taken to Tbilisi City Court.