TBILISI, DFWatch — “There is no official whose name is not present in the prosecutor’s office’s database,” says Georgia’s chief prosecutor, but he avoids revealing who might be detained next in the near future.

Archil Kbilashvili made this statement after the prosecutor’s office officially charged former and current officials at the interior ministry after hours of interrogation. The court sentenced them to preliminary detention, while one of them was released on bail until the start of the trial.

The prosecutor’s office charged them with illegal eavesdropping and secretly making recordings of the personal life of people by using a computer program. They are also charged with blackmail and abuse of powers.

Testimony was published were people speak of cases when they were instructed by the detained officials to carry out these actions.

Before, the former interior minister Bacho Akhalaia and two defense ministry officials were detained, while a former deputy defense minister who was formerly head of the Constitutional Security Department might be charged in absentia. His court hearing hasn’t been held yet, but it is already known that he will cooperate with the investigation.

Some now expect that there will be further detentions of former officials based on what he will say to investigators.

“Until we do have studied, researched and verified that the testimonies are true, we cannot confirm or deny specific information,” Kbilashvili said about future detentions.

He did not wish to comment statements by the National Movement party that the recent detentions is nothing but political persecution.

“We do not publish our opinion in public about cases, but we publish evidence on which our opinion is based,” the prosecutor said, and called on society to read the published material and documents, and then form an opinion about how just and legal each specific detention was.