TBILISI, DFWatch – The Public Defender’s Office informs that several prisoners at facility No 15 in Mtskheta near Tbilisi have gone on hunger strike to show solidarity with victims of torture.

According to the ombudsman’s rapporteurs, prisoners went on hunger strike Friday. They also demand to launch an adequate investigation regarding torture in the past, and to punish the perpetrators.

Some of them expressed desire to meet with representatives of the prosecutor’s office regarding this issue to inform more about mistreatment against them.

About fifteen prisoners started their protest in cell number 4, number 22, number 6 and some other cell in the closed area of prison number 15 in Mtskheta.

Some of the prisoners in the same facility say they will join the protest from September 22-23. The protest is not political and is not regarding mistreatment, or directed against prison employees.

526 prisoners from prison 15 transferred joint appeal to public defender employees, where they indicate that there has been regular mistreatment of them for the last years.

There are no violations at Prison 17, 15 and 6, according to the ombudsman’s office. The office continues to monitor other facilities in Georgia.