(Luka Pertaia/Netgazeti.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–Police arrested one person regarding an attack on an election precinct during the election Saturday in Zugdidi, in northwest Georgia.

The target of the attack was the 79th precinct, in the village Jikhashkari. Kako Tibua said through his lawyer that he was unlawfully arrested and has started a hunger strike in the police station where he is being held.

This is the second person who has been arrested in the Jikhashkari case. The first was Giorgi Mkheidze, who was placed in pre-trial detention.

Two precincts were attacked in Jikhashkari: the 108th and 79th. Representatives of the election commission told journalists that a foreign observer was also attacked at the 79th precinct.

The election was annulled at this precinct. Ballot boxes were damaged and the documentation destroyed.

Shorena Latatia, an observer at the 79th district, recalled that unknown people broke into the precinct at midnight while votes were being counting, and when the observers began to film the situation, their phones were taken from them, and the foreign observer was attacked.