Lasha Purtskhvanidze, director of Greenservice+, escorted by the police after arrest (Mtavari Arkhi photo).

As part of the investigation into the causes of the Tbilisi Vake Park tragedy, the police have arrested nine people, including the Deputy Head of the City Hall Environmental Protection Service and director of contractor company, the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ representative said at an emergency briefing on Tuesday.

The investigation accuses them of criminal negligence, which led to the loss of human life, and also of falsifying documents.

Director of “Greenservice+”, contractor company, handed over the completed work to the City Hall, and the Deputy Head of the EPS accepted it without a proper check, MIA insists.

At the briefing, the MIA representative added that investigation is ongoing and the circle of detainees may be expanded even more.

The detainees and their lawyers have not yet commented on the charges.

The tragedy occurred on October 13 at Vake Park, one of the most popular recreational spot in the city. Two boys went into the park’s pool to retrieve a ball when they were electrocuted and unable to get out. Then their peer and friend, a 13-year-old girl, Marita Meparishvili, came to their rescue but she also lost consciousness. The children were pulled out of the water by the gardener of the park. The kids were first given medical aid by passers-by, and then by doctors called to the spot. Nevertheless, they couldn’t manage to save Marita’s life.

The Vake Park tragedy has had a great repercussion throughout the country. On Saturday, hundreds of people attended the funeral of Marita Meparishvili, who was the champion of Georgia in her age group in tennis.