psp-aftiaqiTBILISI, DFWatch–Three chains of pharmacies in Georgia have been fined 500 laris each for recording conversations at their 24 hours outlets without notifying customers.

According to the Personal Data Protection, 365 pharmacies of the chains Aversi-Geopharmi, PSP and Sakhalkho Aptiaki (People’s Pharmacy) recorded conversations with customers.

The companies explained that they made the recordings in order to ‘improve quality of service.’ In most of the shops, there was no note warning customers that they were being taped while ordering.

The inspector questioned customers in the shops and it turned out that they didn’t know that their consultation were being recorded as they were purchasing private hygiene articles or medicines, even if they had a phone conversation while waiting in the crowd.

Apart from the 500 fines (USD 216), the Personal Data Protection Inspector obliged the companies to stop the practice and to destroy all their recordings by July 1, 2015.