TBILISI, DFWatch–A patient in Tbilisi who was infected with the H1N1 or swine flu virus died a few days ago, the National Center of Disease Control said.

There were 2,928 persons infected with swine flu in Georgia as of January 18. This is the only fatal case so far.

The virus has spread to all of the country and to all age groups. The rate of infection is 248 for every 100,000 persons. This is about half of what is considered an epidemic, which is above 450-500 cases per 100,000.

About 20,000 people have been vaccinated; 12,000 of whom were in the high risk group.

The center expects to see the spread of the virus peak by next week and then drop after 5-8 weeks.

People with chronic diseases are particularly at risk, as are women who are pregnant and children.

The NCDC calls on all parents to take their child to a doctor if it has fever exceeding 38 C.