TBILISI, DFWatch – The interior ministry in Georgia Saturday arrested one of the so-called saboteurs near the Dagestan section of the border with Russia.

According to a short statement published on Saturday, Akhmet Chatayev, Russian citizen from the North Caucasus was arrested the same day. According to the statement he was a member of an armed group.

The detainee was injured and hospitalized, but is now in good health now, according to the interior ministry.

Chatayev, who is wanted in Russia, has political asylum in Austria, but has spent the last two years in Georgia, during which time he got married. He is the Caucaus insurgents’ spokesperson in Europe. Ekho Kavkaza writes that it is unclear how he could be part of a group of fighters, as he lost his arm above the elbow during the second Chechen war.

The ministry continues its search operation in a valley near the border.

The ministry started a special operation in the area near the village Lapankuri on August 31. In total, fourteen people died, among them two law enforcers, one military doctor, and eleven so-called saboteurs.

The interior ministry has identified seven out of eleven dead rebels; two Georgians and five Russians. Three of them have been buried in Pankisi Valley, where many Chechens sought refuge during the two Chechen wars.