TBILISI, DFWatch — Local supporters of the governing Georgian Dream coalition in a town in western Georgia are on hunger strike for the eighth day demanding that the local mayor resigns.

Organizers plan to hold a demonstration January 16 if their demand is not met.

The protest will continue until mayor of Abasha in the Samegrelo region, Gocha Chanturia, resigns, and that the decision to appoint him is canceled.

Gocha Khurtsilava, chair of the local council, told journalists that despite the rally, the town’s government continues to work normally.

Meanwhile, doctors are monitoring the health condition of the people on hunger strike, which they say is acceptable so far. Local priests also saw the protesters and called on them to make a reasonable decisions.

The events in Abasha is one of many protests held in different regions of Georgia after the Georgian Dream coalition’s victory in the parliamentary election October 1, 2012, demanding that the National Movement representatives in local governments resign.

The latter were elected in the last local elections four years ago. The next election is scheduled for 2014, but the local population wants them to be replaced with Georgian Dream representatives immediately.