TBILISI, DFWatch — Society for a better Society organized a meeting between three candidates for ombudsman in front of students at Tbilisi State University on November 5, 2012.

Each candidate had 15 minutes to talk about their views and future plans.

The rights and marriage of sexual minority in Georgia was one of the most hottest topics. Students asked ombudsman candidates Gela Nikolaishvili, Dimitri Lortkiphanidze and Lia Mukhashavria about their opinions on this topic.

Dimitri Lortkiphanidze had a very critical opinion about sexual minority earlier, when he stated that homosexuality should be a punishable action, if it tries to implement an unhealthy trends in society.

At the meeting Dimitri Lortkiphanidze said that he is still against every act, that may be a ground for same sex marriage. “It may ruin my carreer as ombudsman, but I will fight against this acts,“ he said.

Gela Nikolaishvili said that homosexuals have the same rights, but not the right of marriage.

The position of Lia Mukhashavria was more loyal. She said, that she is not against same sex marriage, “but is does not mean that I will fight for their right of marriage” she added.

Another question that attracted the students attention was the court, penitential system and regime in prisons. One of the students asked how the candidates planned to protect the prisoners from torture and how could they guarantee that inmates would not be treated inhumanly and raped again.

Gela Nikolaishvili, as a lawyer does not have right to visit the prisoners. He said that in case he is an ombudsman, he will study the situation better.

“I think that there must be a regime in prison, not sadistic, but civil and democratic regime, because prison is not a resort,” said Gela Nikolaishvili.

Lia Mukhashavria stated that to investigate the cases in the prison and punish the offenders will be a good example and warning for the other employees of the prison.

Dimitri Lortkiphanidze believes that now, when the government has changed, there will not be any inhuman treatment in the prisons anymore.

The forth candidate for ombudsman, Tamar Gurchiani has already visited the university and met the students. She did not attend the meeting on November 5, and neither did the new candidate Ucha Nanuashvili.

14 non-governmental organizations back Ucha Nanuashvili, some of them support Tamar Gurchiani’s candidature.

The non-governmental organizations and Ucha Nanuashvili have already worked about future plans. They plan to present their program to society soon and if they have time, meet with the non governmental organizations in the regions too.