DFWatch (23–30 June 2015)


  1. President Ramazan Abdulatipov expressed his ‘complete loss of confidence’ in the acting mayor of Makhachkala Magomed Suleymanov. According to Abdulatipov, 148 houses are being built in the capital without proper documentation, Suleymanov used his post to advance his own interests, and approximately 90% of inhabitants of Makhachkala view the acting mayor negatively.


(Based on reporting by kavpolit.com)

  1. On Tuesday 23 June, two insurgents were killed by security forces in the vicinity of the village of Gimry. The men were identified as Abdurakhman Abdurakhmanov (born 1975) and Ramazan Kamilbegov (born 1979). The shoot-out followed a counter-terrorist operation (CTO) regime introduced in Untsukul and Buynaksk regions. One member of security forces died in the shoot-out.

(Based on reporting by dagestan.sledcom.ru)

  1. Leaders of local divisions of the Caucasian Emirate Mukhammad Suleymanov (Daghestan), Zalim Shebzukhov (Kabarda–Balkaria), and Aslambek Vadalov (Chechnya) still haven’t officially reacted to the information about the organisation’s allegiance to the Islamic State. The Caucasian Emirate as a part of the Islamic State is now headed by former leader of the Daghestani insurgency Rustam Aselderov.


  1. President Ramzan Kadyrov announced that the Islamic State has no chance of winning wide support in the republic. His statements follow the oath given by the local insurgency to the Islamic State earlier in June. Kadyrov confirmed that the earlier hard-line course against the insurgents will be continued.

(Based on reporting by kavpolit.com)

  1. On Friday 26 June, two insurgents were killed by security forces in Grozny. They were consequently identified as members of Adam Tagilov’s unit Mansur Usmanov and Bislan Baydulayev. The men were suspected of participating in the preparation of the attack on Grozny in December 2014. Tagilov’s unit is subordinated to Aslan Byutukayev (‘Abubakar’) who pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State in June. Four men were arrested in Grozny and Akhchoy-Martan region under suspicion of providing help to the insurgents.

(Based on reporting by kavkaz-uzel.ru)

  1. Qadi of Grozny region Adam Ilyasov was hospitalised after a bomb explosion in his car. The incident happened on 22 June. According to a resident of Grozny, Adam Ilyasov’s sermons are noted for their aggressive tone. He also instructed the imams of Grozny’s mosques to pay more attention to the mosque-goers’ clothing and to produce daily work reports.

(Based on reporting by kavkaz-uzel.ru)

  1. The International Crisis Group called the Kremlin to take action on controlling Chechnya’s finances and security forces. According to the organisation’s expert Yekaterina Sokiryanskaya, the question of loosened grasp on Chechnya’s fiscal and security issues is becoming relevant for wider Russian society. The organisation also called for increasing basic freedoms and security for the inhabitants of the republic and criticised some of Chechnya’s government methods of fighting the insurgency, such as forced expulsions of insurgents’ relatives and destroying their houses.

(Based on reporting by kavkaz-uzel.ru)


  1. On 25 June, a man and a woman were killed during a special operation in Nazran after they barricaded themselves in a private house. According to the Russian National Antiterrorist Committee, they were members of terrorist organisations.

(Based on reporting by interfax.ru)


  1. One 30 June, two insurgents were killed by security forces in Iskozh district of Nalchik. According to the Russian National Antiterrorist Committee, the insurgents were members of organisation Caucasian Emirate.

(Based on reporting by kavkaz-uzel.ru)


  1. A meeting of the organisation Adyge Khase — Circassian Parliament took place in Cherkessk on 27 June. The organisation’s members adopted a resolution calling for an extraordinary gathering of the Circassian nation to happen soon. The organisation voiced concerns about the problems of Circassians in Khabez and Adyge-Khabl regions of Karachay–Circassia, such as municipality financing issues, systemic discrimination, pressure on ethnic Circassian businessmen, unemployment, and bad conditions of local roads. Ethnic Karachais form a majority in the republic.

(Based on reporting by kavkaz-uzel.ru)