Georgia’s representative Zurab Abashidze (left), and Russia’s Grigory Karasin. (Interpressnews.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–The next meeting between representatives of Georgia and Russia will be held possibly at the end of February in Prague.

Zurab Abashidze, the prime minister’s special representative for relations with Russia, told Interpressnews that he and Gregory Karasin, the deputy foreign affairs minister of Russia, will discuss trade economy, transport, humanitarian-cultural issues as well as visa rules.

Abashidze said this is the first meeting after President Vladimir Putin spoke about the possibility of simplifying visa rules with Georgia. He said he had been discussing this issue with Karasin since their first meeting, but Russia never raised the issue about canceling visa rules for Georgia.

If Russia this time decides to cancel visa rules with Georgia, the government will welcome it. Georgia has already taken this step. That happened in spring 2012; a decision made by the National Movement government.

Abashidze said Russia already has simplified visa rules for transit traffic of goods.

President Vladimir Putin said December 19 that Russian government sees signals from the new government and he didn’t exclude that Russia may cancel visa rules with Georgia.

Gregory Karasin and Zurab Abashidze have been meeting regularly after the changed of government in Georgia. This will be their sixth meeting. Last time they met was in November.