TBILISI, DFWatch–Tbilisi has been hit by a new wave of fake bomb threats. Law enforcers are conducting fruitless searches for bombs in public and private facilities.

Ilia University was twice inspected on Monday and twice evacuated after there was a call made to the university warning about an explosive device. Two branches of the university were evacuated. The first time no bomb was discovered and work was resumed.

Now, law enforcers are inspecting the premises for the second time.

There was a report about bomb in School #2 in Tbilisi, as well as at the private appartments in Paliashvili No33. Law enforcers didn’t evacuate people from the apartments but inspected the whole building. No bomb was discovered.

There was a report about an explosive device at school No 55 in Tbilisi. It was evacuated. No bomb was discovered.

In September 2013, there were a number of fake bomb reports at TV companies, the parliament, Tbilisi airport and schools.

After this, the government proposed tougher punishment for making fake bomb reports, which parliament adopted. It set punishment for minors or their parents and guardians in case of fake reports.