TBILISI, DFWatch – Prisoners in Georgia will no longer have the right to watch DVDs and receive certain kinds of things in the mail but will have to buy those things in the prison shops.

Minister of Corrections and Legal Assistance Khatuna Kalmakhelidze made this decision by a special decree which is already in force.

The decree will shrink the list of consumer goods, articles of hygiene and other things which a prisoner has the right to receive in the mail, keep, legally use or buy in the prison shops.

Until today, a prisoner could receive or buy tobacco and matches, clothes, hat, shoes and items’ samples set for convicts for the bed; underwear; handkerchief, belts, socks, tights, gloves, indoor slippers, sports shoes, yarn, robes, towels; toiletries (toilet and household soap, toothbrush, tooth powder, tooth paste, perfumed oil, comb, hair clip); kerchief, belts, bras, cheesecloth, hygiene packs, hair clips, jelly, cotton, shampoo, cosmetic things (for women); mirror, mechanical, electrical or single razor, shoes and clothes brushes, shoe-lubricant, made from plastic glasses, soap and a toothbrush nests, utensils, cups and spoons; board Games, except for the card, manuals, notebooks, mailing envelopes, postcards, stamps, crayons and simple, auto-pens, ink and black, blue and violet pen Auto pieces; literature; photos, photo albums, sport clothes, plant produces electric pot, crosses made of base metal and religious subjects, Crutches, prosthesis, wheelchairs (with a doctor’s permission); wrist and pocket watches made of base metal; TVs, radios, video or audio players, mechanical printing devices and pharmaceuticals.

On the order of the minister several things are taken off the list. Specifically, prisoners won’t be allowed to receive, keep or buy at the shops handkerchiefs, belts, mechanical or electric razor, wrist and pocket watches made of base metal, video and audio players and mechanical printing devices.

The list of things permitted to receive by mail has also shrunk.

On the order of Kalmakhelidze the prisoners won’t be allowed to receive the following items: mirror, single time use razor, plant produced electric pots, TVs, radios, tobacco, matches, pen, tooth powder, tooth-perfumed oil, jelly, shampoo, cosmetic things (for women), utensils, cups and spoons, table games, mailing envelopes and pharmaceuticals.

The prisoners will have to buy these things at the prison shops.